Why birding could be your next irresistible hobby

Birdwatching is one of those hobbies that you can deep dive into, or play in the sidelines. A 2016 US national survey cites that there are 45 million birders in the world, that they bring $80 billion to the US economy, and spend $41 million on travel and gear. Why is it so appealing to look to the skies? It can be FREE, CHEAP, OR....! : Birding can be as cheap as looking out your kitchen window, or local park, and observing who is out there. Add another layer by putting out b

Must-do birding destinations in the Peace River Region

I don't really qualify as a birder. No high magnification binoculars, or pile of bird ID books on my car front seat. No notebook to keep careful record of each species. But I will be the first to admit the thrill of a Kingfisher sighting, a flock of pelicans landing on the river, or checking our telescope every day to observe a nesting pair of bald eagles incubate their eggs. According to the IBA (Important Bird Area) guide for Alberta, all four of the major North American fl