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Extensive Agriculture Tour


Agriculture in the Peace is characterized by large expanses of land operated by modern family businesses. Due to the difficulty in obtaining labor, local farmers have adapted by the widespread use of mechanization and technology. Since there is more production than can be used in the local area, it is an export based industry.

While rising to the challenges of producing for global marketplaces, Peace country farmers remain committed to conservation of the land and maintaining the legacy of local family businesses and communities.

The high latitude of the region provides the challenge of a shorter growing season, which is offset by long, hot mid-season days. This allows the area to produce competitively with any farming area in Western Canada. The size of the farmed acreage of the region exceeds that of the entire farming area of Manitoba.


Crops of the area include wheat, canola, barley, oats, field peas, grass seed, and small acres of a few specialty crops such as market garden vegetables and fruit, hemp, soybeans and quinoa. Visit a modern cropping farm and learn some of the inner workings of the operation. Be amazed by the size of machinery, the extensive storage and handling systems, as well as the technology such as GPS and auto-steer, which have become commonplace.


Livestock operations are mainly beef cattle or bison. However there are some dairies and sheep operations, as well as elk. Management of perennial range and tame pasture and hay require a long term view of farm businesses and ecosystems. Meet dedicated and patient operators whose concern for the well being of their animals is foremost.


Hutterian Brethren are faith based cooperative farms. These operations combine the use of leading edge technology with diversification into many types of production. One farm may have cropping, bird production, dairy, cattle and sheep production, vegetables as well as processing enterprises. They manage to be highly productive while maintaining high standards for family life and providing for all members of their community.

Gain insight into the values and techniques that make this model of farming so successful. 


Start time 10 am

Approximate duration is 6-7 hrs.

You will travel in an air conditioned 15 passenger van.


One meal and on-board refreshments are included.


2 Guests:  $185 per person

3-5 Guests: $145 per person

6-10 Guests: $85 per person

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