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4 Compelling Reasons to get out on the Peace River this Summer

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

1) Live large – The Peace is a big, wide, peaceful river with a WOW factor. The MacKenzie- Slave- Peace- Findlay river system is the longest river system in Canada and second only to the Mississippi in North America. The Peace River is also unique in that it passes through a world class farming region as well as miles and miles of wilderness.

photo by Dan Wheeler

2) The Unique Microclimate- Contrary to many people’s idea of the north, the Peace river valley on most days is 3-5 degrees warmer than the adjacent areas upland. Similarly, bugs are a non-issue for most of the upriver half of the Peace. The long daylight hours of northern summers and the fabulous Alberta blue skies are magnified here!

3) Leaving the Crowds Behind- If you are weary fighting for position on the roads, trails, campgrounds and venues, pick the road and river less traveled. Discover a unique experience where you can really get away, leave the rat race behind and where amenities are still not far away.

4) The Dams – Site C dam is already under construction. With approval of the Amisk Hydroelectric dam, one of the most scenic sections of the Peace will be interrupted by the dam in the near future. After the dam is built, these areas will still be navigable but less pristine than they are now.

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