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4 Unique Summer Short Courses to amp up your Northern Alberta Holiday!

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

For many, traveling and learning go hand in hand. Besides getting an appreciation for the culture, history and landscape of an area, summer short courses are a great way to meet new people and gain new skills!

These are some intriguing ones that provide a unique flavor of the Peace River region:

1) Guitar Camp:

A super learning event for musicians and wanna-be’s of all ages, this Hotchkiss event has been building a strong reputation over the years with its top notch facilitators and typical small town welcoming atmosphere. Skill building, fun and camaraderie are hallmarks of the camp.

2) Ultralight Flying:

For many, the dream of flying has been incubating in the back of their minds for years. Now Aerosport has an accredited Ultralight residential program geared to helping you get an ultralight permit in as little as two weeks. They invite students to complete their ground school training on line before attending. Then it’s up into the air in their state of the art trainer plane to enjoy the freedom and excitement of learning to fly!

3) Beekeeping:

The Peace Region has long been one of the biggest honey production areas in the world. The honey has been known for not only its quantity but for its unique quality (terrior) for many years. In keeping with that, beekeeping education also has a long history. Get a taste of it in the GPRC one day introductory, or dig in with the 2 ½ day Queen rearing course.

4) Timber Frame Building: Ever wanted to know how to build your own authentic timber frame building? These popular, long running 5 day courses let you immerse yourself in this traditional art. Offered at the beginner and advanced level by Grande Prairie Regional College,

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