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How to do an unplugged Northern Alberta Getaway

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

You know you want to - how will you pull off a getaway without screen time?

Experts say that having screen downtime is an antidote for many mental and emotional ills including: Lack of mindfulness, social disconnection, sleeplessness, reduced productivity and worst-neglect of close relationships.

It's possible that alleviating all of these problems in one getaway is unrealistic. However Northern Alberta offers a few obvious opportunities to make it happen!

1) Low or no service areas- Who knew you would celebrate this annoyance? Like rural and remote areas everywhere, the cell service can be spotty or not great at times. This helps you to enforce your resolution to turn off the phone.

2) The scenery and activities can be surprisingly distracting: The Peace River Valley could be arguably the most breathtaking of all river valleys in the province of Alberta. You might find yourself not wanting to pull yourself away. And the geographical remoteness of the region from the rest of Alberta gives it a 'mavericks' cultural flavor that is compelling. For a digital free cabin stay by the river, check out Peace River Cabins and Outdoors.

3) Leave crowds behind: What? no lineup? What? you can get in at the last minute? What? People have time to chat? How much are you going to relax in this atmosphere?

4) It takes time: People often discount the value of not rushing. It takes time to get to Northern Alberta, which means time to listen to those tunes, time for conversation, time for reading, time for LISTENING TO THE SILENCE.

Once you start breathing again, relaxation sets in. It's possible that a deep, restful sleep might break out. It's allowed, to nap or read by the firepit. Or dive deeper into those existential conversations. Check the map now and figure out the long way to get to the spectacular North Peace or South Peace regions.

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