The Lure of the Peace River Country

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In his book with the above name, David Leonard describes the first settlers of the region thus: " ...these first settlers may have experienced the last true frontier environment in North America". The Peace River Region of Canada, which comprises the drainage basin of the Peace River, covers 100,000 to 150,000 sq miles, or roughly the size of the entire country of Germany. However the population is approximately 180,000 souls, compared to Germany's approx. 82 million.
The river itself is part of the The MacKenzie/Slave/Peace/Findlay river system which is the longest river system in Canada and second only to the Mississippi in North America.
The region is also the world's most northerly major grain growing area. Home to expansive agriculture, abounding wildlife, and authentic wide open spaces, 'the Peace' is also home to the descendants of the steadfast, persevering and optimistic first settlers of the region. We prepare custom travel tours to this amazing region.

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