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 Henry Vos, born and raised in the Peace River Region of Alberta, and partner Anne Vos are long farm and business operators. Our passion for the area centers around the magnificent Peace River in Northern Alberta, Canada.

The Peace River region* is large and diverse. We know the depth and breadth of the area and the challenges of finding the best attractions. We know the best kept secrets, the ins and outs of traveling the area. We also have contacts throughout the region and know how to connect you with activities that are of personal interest to you.

We create custom travel tours for clients looking for an independent outdoor and cultural experience in the unique Peace River Alberta frontier. This special area has a heritage of adventure, perseverance, determination and love of nature.



*We describe 'the region' as the drainage basin for the Peace River. There can be some confusion in the use of 'Peace River' as a descriptor; it can be used to describe the river, the Town of Peace River, the British Columbia section of the region, the Alberta section of the region, or both.

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