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Option 1: ON YOUR OWN - Want help in planning your visit? Based on your tour request form, get a custom itinerary for your self driving travel tour. Or take part in a pre planned Extensive Agriculture Tour or Scenic and Historical Highlights Tour. Take advantage of local expert knowledge to plan a fun, logical and efficient personalized itinerary.


Option 2: WE DRIVE-  Take a travel tour of not less than one day, in which we will provide transportation and guiding services. The guided tour includes all meals, either catered or in restaurants. We can also book any tours or activities that require pre-booking to fit into your itinerary. Typically activities requiring pre-booking would be would include more specialized activities such as horseback trail riding, guided paddling, ultralight flying training, agricultural touring or scheduled events. Click here to go to our prepackaged SCENIC and HISTORICAL HIGHLIGHTS or EXTENSIVE AGRICULTURE tours.

Ready to get your personalized travel tour itinerary?  Start now

We have extensive knowledge and contacts for many activities and places in the Peace Region. We are especially conversant in riverbank accommodation, paddling trips, agriculture, and ultralight flight instruction. Check our riverbank retreat website for more information.

You can fly into or out of the region using Air Canada or Westjet to Grande Prairie, or Northern Air into Peace River. Our location is closest to Peace River. We can arrange a full holiday in and out of Peace River.

If you would like to rent a motorhome, the nearest place to do that is in Edmonton, Alberta. RV trailers that can be pulled behind a vehicle can be rented in Grande Prairie, Alberta.


You will be responsible for:

  • All flight bookings in and out of the area

  • Any transportation that you will be operating while in the area (except transportation that we supply)

  • Confirming all accommodation and campsites that we suggest, we will not create confirmed bookings

  • All food and restaurant meals unless included in guided tours

  • Travel Insurance


We create your customized itinerary for $150 CAD. Your payment on this website creates a $150 CAD preauthorization on your credit card.If you book a minimum of two nights of accommodation at Peace River Cabins and Outdoors there is no charge for the itinerary and your fee will redirected to accommodation there when you check in. If you wish to book our riverbank accommodation only, click here


If we book other non-refundable activities on your behalf (including accommodation) we will also have to charge for those if you cancel your trip.

Ready to get your personalized travel tour itinerary? click here

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